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Welcome to our website and thanks for stopping by! Our goal here is to provide you with up-to-the minute info on social media that you can use to your benefit and that of others. While the primary focus will be social media for business, much of what is offered can make your personal use of social media more relevant and fun as well.

Let’s start with a couple of neat features on Facebook that can make your personal experience there more enjoyable and useful:

  • Under the category of “Complaints I hear most often” is: How can I get rid of those game request from my friends who play (insert game name here) appearing in my feed? Just hover the mouse to the far right of the notice and “hide” appears. You can hide that app or the person – your choice.
  • Another neat feature is Lists. The longer you are on Facebook, and as the friends you acquire, groups you join, and businesses you fan grows, the more useful this feature becomes. Click on ‘Accounts’ then ‘Edit Friends’. You’ll see’ Create New List’ just left of center above your friends list, and you can use this to categorize friends, groups, news feeds, and businesses you have fanned. For example, I have reconnected with many old high school friends, and I have them listed together for quick and easy reference. I am also fans of several restaurants I patronize, and categorizing helps me in stopping by their pages to see their specials. A friend of mine who is a radio personality has lists that differentiate between people she knows and listeners. As you can see, the possibilities are vast in how you can organize info and tailor it to your preferred use. Play with it and make it work for you!
  • Did you know that Facebook has several news organizations with a presence there? Fan your favorites and breaking news will appear in your news feed. I find Facebook is often the first place I learn of breaking events.

These are just a few ideas to get you rolling. What are some neat features you’ve found useful? We’d love to hear about how you use them to customize and enhance your experience there.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for other relevant topics, such as “The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook business pages”, “Why you should be on Twitter AND Facebook”, and much more!



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