Ten Reasons To Be Thankful For Social Media


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1. Rekindling old friendships. I’ve loved reuniting with so many good friends from high school and college. Our high school is planning a reunion in 2011 that in all likelihood would have never happened without Facebook.

2. Help on just about any topic is a mere Facebook post or Tweet away. In fact, during the earthquake in Haiti, Twitter was a lifeline in getting the word out quickly about conditions and needs there to mobilize disaster response.

3. You can publish your knowledge, thoughts, life experiences, etc., by starting a Blog. Blogger and WordPress are great platforms to use. Many wonderful writers have been born in the Blogosphere.

4. Learning new skills. YouTube is a great avenue for that. My daughter’s rookie volleyball coach this year schooled herself on the rules of the game by watching YouTube videos. Guess what? Her team won the league championship.

5. Bridging the gap with loved ones living far away has never been easier, and it’s FREE! When you see them over the holidays, you’ll feel more a part of their everyday lives, because you have been. Very cool.

6. Your favorite businesses probably have a social media presence. Isn’t it nice to stay up to date on specials and happenings without having to go to a website?

7. You’ll get breaking news faster than ever before (CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, are all on Twitter).  Sign up to receive one or two of your local station’s tweets on your mobile device – great for traffic updates in your area!

8. Parents, you can keep up with what your teens and their friends are doing.  I know moms who have nipped a couple of risky situations in the bud. And of course there’s the nice stuff, like when your teen will actually talk to you there. Don’t think teens should have a Facebook page? Check out my blog post on that topic.

9. Games and Quizzes: Well, maybe thankful is a bit strong, but hey, they’re fun to play! So you can be thankful to add a little more fun to your life, right?

10. Relationship building. Yes, you read that right. You can develop great online friendships that develop into real life friendships and time spent in person.

I’m thankful for Social Media for so many reasons, not the least of which are the friendships and  business relationships built online that have grown  into real life ones. These are people I work with, laugh with, cry with – that I would not have met otherwise.

I’d love to get your thoughts on this topic.  Here’s wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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