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A recurring theme for all of us is the desire to change some aspect of our lives. Change where we live. Vary our surroundings.  Alter our routines.  Change our relationships. Change jobs. Out with the old, in with the new. Or something like that.

I’ve often wondered: Why do we grow restless with some things remaining the same, and perfectly content with other things never changing? We crave change, but at the same time we fear it. I’m reminded of  a saying from Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”

My motto is that change is good, even though I don’t always like it. It’s the only constant in our lives. Even changes that hurt bring positives when we let them. When. We. Let. Them.  Ponder that for a moment. This mindset is key to successful adaptation. I guarantee the more resistant you are to change, the more frustrating your life will be on every level. Still, it is human nature to resist change because it often requires that we retrain our brains in how we think and what we do. It takes work. Who wants more of that?

Now I’d like to hear from you: What is one change you’ve endured that you absolutely hated at first, but it wound up being one of the best changes of your life?

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