Thanks for Hiring Me, Thanks for Firing Me


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That’s the thought uppermost in my mind as I write this Blog post.

Losing a job is never easy, whether due to a layoff or one’s shortcomings as seen by a superior.  I had both types happen to me in 2009.

The first was a layoff from an engineering firm due to the economic downturn.  I had been with the company for over three years, and succeeded in transforming a fragmented marketing effort into a well structured and effective vehicle. I loved the varied aspects of the job: relationship building, writing, ROI measurement, speaking engagements, PR, branding work and strategy development and implementation. I had a terrific boss and support staff with whom I still keep in touch. While not without periods of stress, it was for the most part both challenging and fun.

The second job loss is best described as an unfortunate situation due to a few things: my own shortcomings, perhaps not the best fit of responsibilities to core strengths, and what I believe was honest mis-communication between a superior and me on a couple of key tasks. This company provides traditional PR and Social Media Marketing, and consists of a great group of talented folks. I’m very grateful to have worked with them. My role was to manage and oversee a social media campaign for a client. It was a successful effort with a very happy client, and I am proud to have played a key role in that.

The first job loss made me go out and relearn how to market myself. We can all get a little too comfortable and complacent at times. Dozens of resumes sent out, many interviews, and many “so close and yet so fars” can make you quite adept at selling yourself. I learned so much from this process that I use every day.

The second loss lit a fire within.  I love social media marketing. I have found my niche. Period. It’s great fit for me – a natural online extension of what I’ve been doing, and am quite good at if I do say so, for over twenty years. No way was this loss going to stop me from  mastering some technical aspects of this field I needed to improve upon, (check!) and then developing some great clients (check!) to do great work for. Game on.

With all the folks hurting out there that have lost jobs, I truly hope you, too, can at some point sincerely say: “Thanks for hiring me, thanks for firing me.”  I’d love to hear from you on how a job loss (or two) has benefitted you in some way.

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