Top Ten Signs Your Company Doesn’t Get Social Media.


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So your company has a social media presence. Great! This is becoming more prevalent as the number of people using social media grows. But there’s a big difference between being present and using it well.  Here are my Top Ten Signs Your Company Doesn’t Get Social Media. Do you see your company in any of these?

1. Your website has no links to your social media. Your website should be the main hub from which all relevant information flows because you own the space. Each of your online mediums should drive traffic to the others.

2. Your website has links to your sites, but there’s little to no activity. A few Facebook posts a month is not enough.  Ditto everywhere else.

3.  Your Facebook and Twitter accounts have no links back to your website. Think ‘reciprocity.’

4. Your Blog has only a few entries – spaced several months or even weeks apart. Implies you don’t have much to say and don’t understand the crucial link between fresh content and SEO.

5. Your Twitter stream is a series of blatant sales pitches or @userid posts with links back to your website. Occasional linking back with a relevant tagline is fine.  But if you’re not even talking with your followers – people like you – why in the world should they visit your website?

6. You have a lot more followers than people you follow. There are many worthy people, causes, and businesses with info of value you can use and retweet. If you’re not interested in following anyone, why should they follow you?

7. You follow a lot of people relative to the number following you means you’re either boring, a spammer, or both.

8. You take days to respond to questions or comments posted on any of your mediums. Are you kidding? Twenty four hours or less is a good rule of thumb.

9. You have no videos favorited or uploaded to your YouTube Channel. Newbies may need awhile to get a couple of videos there, but at least favorite some and subscribe to other relevant channels. It gives visitors something to do until you get your own videos on board.

10. There’s no common thread between your website and social media presence. It’s  fine to establish an online brand that differs somewhat from your entity’s name. Just be sure there’s some unifying theme such as logo, colors, and/or slogan from one medium to the next so people recognize you as one in the same.

So how’d you do? If you didn’t see your business anywhere here, great job! If you saw yourself in one or two, chances are you’re getting the hang of it and with a few tweaks can make your efforts even better. More than that? Don’t lose heart. They’re all fixable – starting now!

Did I miss anything? What would you add to this list?

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