Is your Business On Too Many Social Media Sites?


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social-media-management Yes, that’s my “Question du Jour” today. Surprised to hear it from me?

I want you, and your business, to succeed in your social marketing efforts. One of the quickest ways to sabotage your chances of that is by trying to do too much. Please, don’t drink the “You have to be on every site to be successful” Social Media Marketing Kool-Aid. You don’t.

In fact, if you are just starting out and managing your own sites, I will tell you right now NOT to reflexively join every big network. Some steps: Figure out first what you want and need to accomplish. Do your homework on businesses like yours to see which sites offer the greatest chance for success and have proven so for your competitors. Find out where your customers and prospects spend their time online and what they do there, pick one or two that make sense, and focus on them. If one is all you can do to start, choose the best one and give it consistent effort. If you find you need help, hire a professional to guide you.

Here’s another piece of advice I’ve not seen elsewhere that I have found applicable to my consult clients: Consider your personality and that of your business, and the communication style that fits both to spread your message. If you love to write, for example, a blog is a great alternative, coupled with perhaps a Facebook Page or Twitter to direct traffic to it. If you’re a Creative in a design field, Pinterest is a great way to go and offers the benefit of being the best for driving high quality, ready-to-buy customers back to your website. If you are comfortable in front of a camera, a YouTube Channel with quick info minute “Vlogs” is a great tool. Most smart phones can be used to upload videos directly to YouTube, making this a great tool that’s fast and easy.

Which social media sites have worked best for your business? How have you made that happen?

Liz DeLoach is the One Woman Dynamo that is Social Strategies. When she’s not helping her clients she is wife, mom of two teens, (Help!) and Group Fitness Coach. Connect with her on Twitter @lizdeloach

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