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images (2) Really, I could have made this list 125. But who wants to read a list of that many tips?

I purposely ventured a bit outside the norm so this article won’t be the umpteenth one you’ve read on this topic with the same five tips. These can be applied to business or personal sites.

The Tips:

1. Before you post anywhere, ask yourself: Is is kind? Is it true? Is it fair? If it isn’t, don’t post it. How many of us have learned this lesson the hard way? This doesn’t mean that you can’t issue a friendly challenge or provoke an interesting conver-sation, but there are do’s and don’ts for doing so.

2. Don’t be afraid to promote your business offerings. A lot of Social Media Marketing “experts” will tell you not to sell using social. Nonsense. Just inform first and don’t make every post a sales pitch. Creativity and conveying benefits are key to effective social media marketing.

3. Don’t link Twitter and Facebook together so updates from one feed go to the other’s news feed. Nothing is more annoying than tweets that are obviously status updates from Facebook – with the possible exception of hashtag filled tweets fed to Facebook from Twitter. (Yes, Facebook reportedly will have functional hashtags soon, but we’re not there yet). Treat each medium as important enough to merit its own language and use. Assuming you’ve done the homework to determine where you should be and why, each one is important to your goals. You can duplicate some content, but each medium should have its own distinct voice.

4. Don’t ignore Google+. There are now over 500 million people there. Some of them are people you want to reach. There are numerous articles written that say otherwise; don’t believe them. Google holds critical keys to good SEO, and you don’t want to miss the SEO benefits of being present and regularly posting good content on Google+.

5. Make your social media meaningful. This is especially important if you are dealing with a serious topic. Just remember that even serious topics can have occasional, carefully crafted levity. Think of things that are important to your customers. One example is topics from conversations that you have had with them. Provide great info on those in varying ways; blogs are great for this purpose.

Now, I want to hear from you: Can you share ONE social media tip that has helped you?

Liz DeLoach is the One Woman Dynamo that is Social Strategies. When she’s not strategizing for her clients she is wife, mom of two teens, (Help!) and Group Fitness Coach. Connect with her on Twitter @lizdeloach

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