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Here’s a revealing exercise: In one or two short sentences, state your company’s service philosophy.

Did you have to think very long, or did it just roll off the tongue? Still thinking?

Let’s up the ante just a bit: If you were to ask a client or customer to do the same, could they?

I’m a firm believer that a company’s service philosophy should meet a few key objectives. It should: convey something you want your customers to know that helps them, reflect your company’s core values, be something they can readily relate to, and be easily remembered. Two examples from my hometown of Charleston are these: Well known in the luxury car business as the owner of Baker Motor company, Tommy Baker has a service philosophy that really resonates:  ‘The answer is yes. Now, what’s the question?’ Think about that for a moment. It’s simple, straightforward, and reflects a commitment to give his customers what they ask for, because he knows that keeping them happy is at the core of his success. Another motto that really strikes a chord is the one for Nason Medical Center: ‘Don’t wait on healthcare. Let healthcare wait on you.’ Everyone can relate to the frustration of a long wait in the Doctor’s office, and Nason has committed to eliminating that for their patients. I wonder just how many people have chosen them over other providers for just this reason? Given their growth to date, I daresay quite a few.

Think about your business’s service philosophy. Is it short, savvy, and to the point?  Does it offer something of value that people need or want? Is it easy to remember? If not, it might be time to rethink the message you’re communicating. Be sure it hones in on one or two key things you are committed to doing well for your customers.  You’ll get people’s attention, and they’ll want to do business with you.

We’d love to hear your company’s service philosophy and how it’s working for you.  Do tell us about some you’ve come across that resonate and led you to patronize those companies. What do you like about them?  I look forward to brainstorming some ideas with you!

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