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So you’ve taken the plunge and added a Facebook Business Page to promote your company.  Welcome to an audience over 400 million strong! Not sure how to move forward? Here are just a few key points:

Consider your online brand. Should it differ somewhat from your traditional branding? It depends. For a Cosmetic Dental Practice page, for example, something like “Fixin’ Smiles and Taking Names” is a catchy and relevant moniker. Just be sure you have some unifying theme such as your logo and/or slogan from one medium to the next so people recognize you.  (We’ll have more about online branding  in a future Blog post.)

How often should I update my status? I suggest a minimum of one per day – preferably two. Mid morning/early afternoon and mid evening are generally good times to maximize exposure.

What types of status updates should I use? These should be informative as well as engaging, with the goal of letting folks know what you have of interest to them, and to get them talking about you in a way that provides positive testimonial. A couple of examples for a restaurant: Popular menu items people may want to try, and questions such as “What is your favorite entrée?” “Click “like” if …… (fill in the blank). One I saw recently is “Did you know that we make all of our condiments fresh daily? Taste the difference fresh makes!” You get the idea – think about some special aspects of your business you want to publicize, and consider from a benefit-to-customer standpoint.

Facebook Ads: Should you use them? These can be a very effective way to target your audience and increase traffic to your page.  You can quickly create image and text-based ads, advertise your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page or an Event, and/or choose to pay per click (CPC) or impression (CPM) in your local currency. For more info on this, click here.

Add photos and other forms of media: Personalize your fans’ experience by letting them see names and faces that make your business what it is to the public. Pictures of life at the office, after hours gatherings, and funny video clips are a great way to engage and entertain as well.

Link to other mediums: When appropriate, direct traffic to your website and any other online marketing mediums you use such as Blogs and Twitter. Not with every other post, but often enough so they remember you are there as well.  After all, you probably got here via my Facebook page link, right?

This list is my no means all inclusive, but will get you rolling. Run some ideas by us you’d like to try. If you already have some ideas that have worked well, what have been the results and how have they helped your business?

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