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I’m about as disappointed and puzzled as I’ve been in quite some time.

Why, you ask? Well, Dear Reader, I have been banned from a Facebook Business Page. Yep, that’s right. As in: I can still “Like” the page if I choose, but I cannot comment anymore.

How did I find out? I realized I had not seen their posts in a while, so I went to their page to discover that I could not comment and that my comments had been deleted. Funny thing is, I’ve done absolutely nothing to warrant this type of censorship. I enjoyed their posts, and on the infrequent occasions I comment – er, commented, that is – my contributions were friendly, relevant, and in no way inappropriate. Allowing fans to talk to you and others who contribute on your Facebook page is part of the landscape, isn’t it?

So why the ban? I believe I have been censored for personal reasons, such as the individual making this call does not like me, or perhaps disliked my comments, or both. But are those good reasons to block me from their page? Was it fair? I don’t think so. Rule Number One of business is knowing when to separate your personal feelings from your business decisions. In this case, I  suspect that rule was broken.

To the person who decided to block me, I want you to know: I would not censor you on my page as long as your behavior there is appropriate. Weigh in any time. We’re members of the community who can and should treat each other with professional courtesy and respect online and off – period. It may interest you to know that  I recommended your business to someone just last week. Based on my understanding of your experience and expertise, I considered you the best choice.  Chew on that for a moment.

I’ll close with this: I have no intention of “outing” the business in question here. I’m just not that mean spirited.

My Dad always said:  “Don’t be a sissy.” Mom always said: “Take the high road.”


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