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That’s the thought uppermost in my mind as I write this Blog post. Losing a job is never easy, whether due to a layoff or one’s shortcomings as seen by a superior.  I had both types happen to me in 2009. The first was a layoff from an engineering firm due to the economic downturn.  […]

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I must be a little slow on the uptake today. I was pondering how Apple could have made such an utterly avoidable goof – bringing a 4G iPhone to market that has the significant receptivity problems this one has, according to reports that began swirling in the last few days.  A lot of us are […]

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Recently, a business I friended on Facebook held a contest on its page to win an iPad. It started out as a well run contest with the following: You had to “like” the Facebook page in order to participate and be eligible to win. One question was posted daily on a special ‘Friends Only’ page, […]

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So you’re using Facebook, but you’re still not sure about Twitter? A lot of people think that because of their Facebook presence, Twitter would be redundant for them. I think I know why they feel that way. I believe it has a lot to do with Twitter’s status update prompt: “What’s happening?” They see a […]