Apple 4G iPhone: Can you hear me now?


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I must be a little slow on the uptake today.

I was pondering how Apple could have made such an utterly avoidable goof – bringing a 4G iPhone to market that has the significant receptivity problems this one has, according to reports that began swirling in the last few days.  A lot of us are scratching our heads over this one.

Then I realized the joke is on us:  How could we be so naive as to think they wouldn’t bring it to market regardless?

With the competition becoming increasingly fierce in the Smart phone market, the race to create devices with superior speed and functionality has been eclipsed by the race to get the “first to of its kind” to market before your competitors do. Apple, to its credit, has always been the innovator and standard bearer in this regard, so we have expectations bordering on the delusional where their offerings are concerned. I love their products and am awed by them. I admit it.

Still, we should have gotten our first clue that something might be amiss when Jobs introduced the 4G to a salivating audience a few weeks ago, and it had a receptivity problem then. Supposedly it was too many people on the network. Could this happen to anyone and not be indicative of a larger problem? Of course. But this is Apple, and they’ve done this enough that it should have been Clue Number One for us to adopt a wait-and-see attitude.  For Apple’s part, let’s also consider their well publicized zeal to get their 4G to market before or simultaneously with HTC’s 4G EVO.

Ahh, hindsight.

No question in my mind Apple knew of this problem a long time ago. They also know that we, the buying public, are so enamored with their products that we’ll bend over anyway. After all, we can simply hold it differently, since we’ve been doing it wrong all these years, (what WOULD we do without Jobs to guide us through this thorny jungle?) or just buy what amounts to a fitted rubber band to solve the problem. And guess what? It’s immediately available – how amazingly convenient – at $29.00 a pop. Chaaaaa-ching.

Ok, being the first to have the latest and greatest “handheld brain” is way cool. But is it necessarily smart?  Or so important that we can’t wait just a little while for the “bugs” to get worked out? That’s what our parents taught us.

I’m not sure what’s more troubling to me: What this issue says about Apple, or what it says about us. Hate to say it, but I’m going to have to go with the latter.



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