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Social Media Marketing has become a critical tool in a business’s marketing arsenal. Social Strategies provides Social Media Marketing for Business. Located in Charleston, S.C., we serve clients here in Charleston and beyond.

Why should your business use Social Media Marketing?

Millions of people use the most popular sites of Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Foursquare daily. If your business isn’t on some of these sites, you’re missing an opportunity to reach consumers where they spend time talking to people, researching before making purchases, and buying. Why wouldn’t you want to be there? If you don’t know how to use Social Media Marketing, or which sites to use, that’s where Social Strategies’ expertise in key – to determine these important factors.

Why should you pay for Social Media Marketing when it’s free?

While services like like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest are free to use, Social Media Marketing that builds relationships, generates positive press and exposure, and reaches prospects and customers takes a consistent, strategic effort. It will cost you either in man hours for internal management, or in outsourcing to a professional to manage it for you. Most business owners and their employees have more immediate tasks at hand than hours in a day, which makes it tough to use Social Media Marketing effectively. Stories abound of businesses who have suffered PR disasters because they made crucial mistakes in managing their sites. Do you want to take that risk going it alone? Of course not!

Finally, who can you trust to help you do it right?

Your unique business benefits from Social Media Marketing that is consistent, strategic, and professional. It deserves a successful veteran marketer dedicated to making it stand out among the crowd. Social Strategies founder, Liz DeLoach, has 27 years of marketing expertise, a successful track record, and is a well known and trusted business professional in Charleston, SC.

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